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Thread: Program to cut footage on the fly

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    Default Program to cut footage on the fly


    Well I am getting tired of bringing raw footage into Sony Vegas, only to have to render small pieces to see it on a small preview screen.

    It takes a lot of time to do this, Is there a good program where I can just watch my footage, then cut the parts instantly that I want to keep so I can just throw the pieces of footage I want into Sony Vegas, ready to be put together?

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    I don't understand your problem. You put a clip on the time line and press play and there it is. Well that's what I do.

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    Oh well what I mean is I cut clips in the timeline but sometimes the videos are laggy, and they are small and blurry in the preview clip so what I do is I watch the clip from VLC player, then say if I like the part at 20 seconds, I go into Vegas and cut at the 20 second mark and use the footage

    Like VLC has a tool where you can watch the video and cut parts where you want but it's not working for me so I was wondering if there is a program where I can watch my video and cut parts I like to save as its own individual file that I can just throw into Sony Vegas ready to go

    I tried the trimmer but the video is laggy to play in it and evel slow than timeline for some reason

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    Sorry, but there is not really a solution that will work for you.

    Imagine using your car to tow a very large truck that is fully loaded, This is what happens when hardware is asked to do a job it was never built to do.

    The only other method is if you are using a tape based camera? You can start/stop the capture at the points you want to keep or not.

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    Give videoredo a try.

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