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Thread: slow motion - camera vs post prod

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    Exclamation slow motion - camera vs post prod

    Hello all

    I am very new to video editing scene and i am planning to buy a new camera.

    My question is>
    How to get a decent slow motion?

    Do i need a camera that records at higher frames per second like 1080p 60,100,200 etc frames etc. Or would it be okay to record at generic 30 FPS and create slow motion effect in premiere.

    Please enlighten!

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    The higher the recorded fps, the smoother the slow motion. For example if you record at 60fps, you'll get excellent quality when played back at 50%. As a general rule of thumb, slowin down clips at less tha 75% gives sub-optimal results.
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    Now there's a word you don't get to use every day.

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