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    And not a beach or a wave in sight!
    That was pretty amazing. I'm sure actually being there and seeing these projections close up must be incredible.
    Good choice of "music". Thanks for posting.

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    We have an annual light show in York and I remember trying to film it once. It's not easy to capture the magnitude or scale of the size of the projections of the images onto the side of the buildings. I think you did a good job. AND as Tim said not a wave or beach in sight, so it's good to see you out of your comfort zone.

    Well done.

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    Thanks Thanks Thanks We are planning a snowkite trip in Norway. Can you tell me guys a nice settings for snowfilming, because i know it s very difficult.

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    Shooting in snow can be tricky. I would advise you to use full manual mode on the camera. Do a manual white balance and do a white balance every time the light changes. Don't over expose, you may need to take the camera down a stop or two more than usual if it's sunny as the snow will reflect the light. I don't know if an ND filter would help on your camera but I would use one on mine if it's sunny. Try and do the filming when the sun is lower in the sky as this will help give you details in the snow.

    I'm sure there are more experienced photographers around that could give you more tips.

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