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Thread: Vegas Preview Slow?

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    Post Vegas Preview Slow?

    does anybody know the reason why my preview in sony vegas is experiencing lag?

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    Probably not with the information supplied....but

    you could try changing the preview settings to a lower settings, maybe your PC is not beefy enough to play the files on the timeline.
    your hard drive is fragmented and or low on space.

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    Project settings don't reflect your content.

    Too many FXs in play.

    Antivirus sw working.

    Background services biting Vegas.

    Many things possible. But without a fuller description you've indentified that you're starting out new to Vegas.


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    Pse ALWAYS say which version of Vegas you are using
    (e.g. Studio v10), as this helps focus minds.

    You should also give a tech description of PC, RAM, OS (bits), Graphic card and available HDD - also if you are using anything connected by USB (don't!).
    - and anything else....

    One presumes you've shut down other programs - but that "preview" isn't a frame-by-frame accurate window - it can miss things - ultimately it's the final copy (e/g/ on a DVD) played on your dedicated player+TV that is the final judge.
    I recall there is a slow-down feature in Vegas Studio 10, this should give the PC more time to assess a complicated part of the scene, but you lose sound - so it's not something I use often. (LF Bottom -slider).

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    One reason I found was the CPU running hot. I downloaded a free temperature app and bought a fan cooling pad for my laptop running Dual Core 2.3GHZ. Keep CPU temp below 220 degree F. if the CPU gets too hot previews lag and get jerky. Running other apps will cause this too. Rendering will also slow if CPU is too hot.

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