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Thread: Sony Movie studio bargains

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    Default Sony Movie studio bargains

    If you want to upgrade to 11 or get started on a good easy program, there are some bargains from the - Online Store

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    As if it wasn't cheap enough to begin with, it's now even cheaper. I'm always amazed at how cheap Vegas is for what you can do with it. Paying for the pro version obviously subsidises the platinum version.

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    Amazing bargain prices, I wonder what others have to say about delivery/returns issues... a bargain is only true, when you are able to use it...
    Certainly Vegas Studio 11 looks like a Year's Bargain(This thread) . . . . having v10, even, might tempt me - The Pro-titler looks very interesting as I've thought Titles are VS's weakest part, even for modest Vids.
    Pro-Titler comes over from the Pro-version, although it might not be the full thing, it allows animation of individual letters (like keyframing)-but check Sony website for confirmation (Tutorial VS v11)

    I note USB/MIDI converters at 4.99 - ideal for anyone thinking of ditching a good MIDI (music) keyboard, in favour of a USB-only version.
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    Can anyone please help me??? i recently purchased sony vegas movie studio 11, but whenever i import a video(m2ts) and try to edit it or click anywhere it always says "sony vegas is not responding" my computer has 8 gb ram and a 3 ghz processor....please help

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    M2ts are normally come from HDV cameras and normally OK on lower spec machines, check if you have any items running in the background taking resources, check HDD has plenty off free space. When my PC says "Not Responding" it is usually in deep thought trying to transcode and then finally starts to work

    Try some other formats or some small jpegs/avi just to check it works ok and then we can look deeper as to why your having his issue

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