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Thread: 1080p HD Night Vision/Infrared Camcorder?

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    Default 1080p HD Night Vision/Infrared Camcorder?

    Hey everybody;

    I'm currently looking for a high-quality camcorder that meets the following requirements:

    Full (TRUE) 1080p HD
    Night Vision / Infrared capabilities in absolute-zero-light situations.

    I am starting up a very professional-grade "ghost hunting" group in my
    local area, and I have all of our other equipment ironed out except for
    the camera.

    It's strange, but I haven't seen any camera to match this
    type of need.
    I keep reading about the Sony Handycam series, and yet, I have yet to
    find a Handycam on either Amazon or eBay that has Night Vision / IR

    Budget is definitely a factor; however I am open to all options. If at
    all possible, I would like to stay below $300; although post any +$300
    camcorders you find, because I might be able to find used deals on them.

    Thanks so much to anyone that can help!

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    You are going to have problems finding an HD camcorder with night vision for 200.

    Strangely it will be the consumer models which are more likely to have nightvision, the high-end and professional models don't normally have it.

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    Is it right that most camcorders have an IR filter behind the lens to filter out this portion of the spectrum. I'm sure I remember seeing something thing about this so you can turn any old camcorder into a IR camera by taking the filter out. Mind you I wouldn't want to take my camera apart to test out this dubious theory.

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    You are right Midnight. Video chips are ultra sensitive to IR light so they have a filter in front of it (sometimes called a "hot mirror") to block the excess IR. However... If you remove this filter, then you are altering the light-path to the lens, so the focus may be out. The "Night Shot" facility moves the filter out of the light path but replaces it with a clear glass filter to maintain the light path's integrity. Removing the filter will also result in the camcorder being useless in sunlight.

    Edit: Apparently the GoPro's infra red hot mirror is incorporated in the lens so, if tyou remove the lens, you remove the hot mirror. If you replace the lens with this...

    INFRARED NIGHT VISION ir LENS for gopro hero hd 1080p | eBay

    then (according to the blurb) you should have your ghost hunting camcorder!

    So, you would have an HD (ish) camcorder with IR facility, just under your $300 limit.
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    What do you guys think about using this, with a Sony Handycam HDR-CX130?

    The additional light is made specifically for Sony camcorders, and this particular model of the Handycam has an active image stabilization option that might really help to keep things looking more professional-grade; additionally, it just has a really high quality output.

    Your thoughts?

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    The Canon XF100/105 has IR recording but I it's way out of your price range I think. Very good quality camera though.

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