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Thread: How to make this effect on one of my videos ?

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    Exclamation How to make this effect on one of my videos ?

    How I Met Your Mother - Barney's Playbook - YouTube

    yea it's the tv show how i met your mother and i'm interested in making the effect at the 0:29 to 0:30 that fast forward effect i don't know the name of it
    Can u pls help me ?
    I'm using sony vegas 10 , but if i can make it with other program no big deal , but tell me how to do it !

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    It looks like the camera is panning across the scene - possibly a sweep of the bar. Add the clip you want to accelerate to the time line, hover the mouse at the end of the clip avoiding the pan/crop and fx buttons and hold control. You should get an icon with a wiggly line. Click and drag the clip shorter.

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    Sweep the camera around. put the clip on the time line add a linier blur. Over lap this transition/clip between the two clips you want to change from and to.

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    It's just about the one transition I like. I've done it manually, but got lazy and bought
    New Blue FX Motion Blends. It's called "Roll"

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