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Thread: Music video Echo Town - Town by Max Dreamcreator

  1. Default Music video Echo Town - Town by Max Dreamcreator

    Our last Music video is eventually online ) WATCH IT, SHARE IT, SPREAD IT, LIKE IT, FAVOURITE IT, COMMENT IT, SEND IT, TWEET IT, EMAIL IT, and SUBSCRIBE !!!
    It was a quite heavy piece of work and I really Hope that "YOU" guys gonna appreciate it

    Thanks for watching


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    I like it. I also recognise a lot of the places. Where was the waterfall ?

    Well done, nice video.

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    hey, yeah I hope you do recognise places the waterfall was shot over in north bay of scarborough about 20 min driving

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    Yeah it's great... very nice. But I think there's a bit much gay in it for my liking Can that be edited out in post?

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    Nice vid. Lots of variety. Mix of tripod and steadycam shots. To take it to the next level all the shots have to be as good as the best you've got here. Some shots were a bit grey and flat (thats the English weather for you), composition was a bit off on a few shots (headroom in particular seemed to be an issue) and some of the steadycam shots were less than perfect - but bear in mind I'm comparing this to good pro video and indeed your own better shots.
    Nice sound and song - I especially liked the drums (reminded me of the sound on the Spindoctors couple of hits), great harp playing, but I thought you didn't quite reach the note on several bends on the electric.
    I'd be happy to watch and listen to plenty more.

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