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Thread: How to accurately slow clips?

  1. Default How to accurately slow clips?

    Hi all,
    I've been adding slowmotion to ride vids for a while now by holding ctrl and dragging the clip to extend it. However, this is all guess work and I can't be certain if all clips are slowed by the same percentage, is there a way of applying an exact percentage? They're recorded at 60fps so stuttering isn't a problem, which leads me to another question...
    How slow can ya go? I used to slow 29fps down a little before it stuttered, but was never sure what the framerate was. What's the minimum you think should be aimed for before stuttering occurs?

    And as I've typed that, I've just thought, it depends on the speed of the subject...

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    Yes, if you right click and selected properties of a clip/event. You will see the playback rate at the bottom of the box. It has a value of 1.00. If you reduce this number to say 0.5 this slows down the clip by 50% the slowest you can go is 25%. The other way to do it is using the velocity curve. Right click the clip and select insert/remove envelope and then choose velocity. You will see a green line on the event you can lower this line to slow down the clip.

    The amount you can slow a clip down will depend on what was being filmed and the frame rate etc... Just experiment with these tools and you will see for your self who slow you can go.

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    Once you have done your first clip as above, then just copy clip and paste attributes to other clips that require the same speed.
    Be careful if there are other plug-ins or pan/scan as these will copy as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Yes, if you right click and selected properties of a clip/event.
    Brilliant #thumbs up smiley I don't have available, because emoticons say more than a thousand words#

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    Hi, I was reading this thread because I was wondering the same thing as OP.

    I am using Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 Trial version right now, and I didn't see the "velocity" option when I went to "insert/remove envelope".

    Also, I am cutting up my footage using the Trimmer window, and creating a bunch of subclips. It's working pretty well, but I was wondering if there was a hotkey for "Create Subclip"? I checked the help files, but there wasn't any information on this particular hotkey. And, is there a way to just Subclip the video portion of my media? And if not, is there a way to drag my Subclip'ed files into my timeline without bringing along the audio as well?


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    " I was wondering if there was a hotkey for "Create Subclip"?"

    No there is not, I'm afraid, but that would not help as how would the hot key know where the in and out points would be?
    That's why it is done in the trimmer, drag the bit you want and press the "Create Subclip" icon

    If you want to just drag the audio onto the timeline then you have to do that from the trimmer as well, use the TAB key to cycle through the Audio/video/both part of the clip to the TL

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    thanks for the reply Z cheema.

    When I am trying to split my subclips, and I drag my created subclip onto the timeline, you are saying that I need to press TAB at that moment to properly separate video/audio? Because, I've definitely tried pressing TAB within the trimmer when I go to create the subclip itself with it's ins and outs, and that hasn't, I'll try what you are saying (if I am reading you correctly).

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