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Thread: Studio 15 Ultimate problems editing AVCHD

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    Default Studio 15 Ultimate problems editing AVCHD

    I recently bought a Panasonic 1920x1080 AVCHD Hi Def camera and love it, but it sucks to edit.

    I have been using pinnacle 12 ultimate to edit all my SD footage and it RIPS through it (I can scrub at about 6x faster than normal speed), but it won't touch the HD stuff.
    AVID, of course, told me to upgrade, so I tried the trial versions of Studio 15 and AVID studio.

    It is still VERY VERY SLOW to edit.

    My computer is a quad core processor, with 16gb of ram, 2tb harddrives, a 250gb C drive, 256 vid I don't think it is hardware...

    The problem is scrubbing or cutting up clips in the editing jumps all over the place and just takes forever......The program often crashes after about 40 clips (only 2-3 seconds each). I can't use any effects really, because it causes the program to crash or freeze. My processor is only maxing out at about 70 percent, so is the limitation in the software??? Both programs do it the same.

    Any tips to speed things up within the software, or do I need to finally ditch pinnacle and AVID and learn something new. I NEED to be able to edit fast, or it's just no fun for me and I'll just go back to standard def? I don't need thousands of effects. Studio12 was had plenty for me.

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    I have heard that I can cut down the video into a lower quality file and then edit it...when I am done editing, I can replace the lower quality files with the full quality versions. I tried this and it did not recognize them.

    Anybody able to help????

    I have 6 months of AVCHD videos that I can't edit.

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