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Thread: low budget filming problem

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    Default low budget filming problem

    Well, im poor

    im just using my moms digital camera to film because that is the only way to import it onto my computer.....

    anyways.... also, since im poor, im using mocrosoft movie maker.....

    it works fine for what i want to do, but my camera films at 15 frames per second, and with windows movie maker i cannot export in 15 frames per second!?!! and if i export at 25 or 20 then the timing is off with the sound.

    how can i export my movie to an avi or mpeg or wmv at 15fps with movie maker?!?


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    yeah mine only takes 15 per second sucks but hey ya know when your poor you cant really help anyways i guess you could probably like break up the video and the sound and cooridinate it but that would take some time and im not sure of wmm even does that..sorry if i didnt help lol i tried

    see ya and good luck

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