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Thread: My First Multicam MTB Video

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    Default My First Multicam MTB Video

    I've only been editing for a month, since getting back from the Alps which is where the footage is from.

    This is footage of one complete run, called Vedi Veni Vici.I tried to sync the two rider cams with my GPS data and this is what I came up with...

    Hope you enjoyed it and I'm open to critisism!

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    Very nice
    The perspective of speed has come out really well. The biggest problem I find with MTB vids is most mounting options kill the speed and are overly isolated from body movement. The headcam is the least flattering of all. The chest mount is pretty decent - you guys certainly looked fast. I find the cutting between shots without a transition undersells the amount of editing done too. It can really easily be overdone, but I'd have liked some kind of fade I think. Finally - the shot-in-shot is a good idea, but to work better I think the riders need to be a bit closer and you could go for some kind of black border to help it separate it from the main frame.
    I like the idea of a VS film I think I'll borrow it and make a kind of ride-off somewhere!

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    the interlace FX at the beginning make it difficult to read the titles. nice footage and i like the speed, distance thingy bottom right. whilst the PIP adds to the excitement i found it too distracting. maybe a younger viewer would be more tolerable being used to high paced video games and the like.

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    Thank you for reviews!

    So, to make this better, remove the interlaced effect (looks a lot better before encoding), a little less PiP footage and add some transitions.. Reason I didn't go for effects was because of switching between on the beat, but I will give it a go. Are there any effects that I should use and ones I should stay away from?

    More than welcome to borrow my Vs idea! My friend on the full susser was quite surprised I kept up with him, considering I was on my short travel hardtail.

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    Be careful if you're adding transitions - as OLC syas, they can be easily overdone.
    Whilst this sort of video might not have to abide by the rules of traditional "continuity" editing I think it is still worth bearing in mind the traditional use of transitions is to indicate a change, either in time or in location. Sticking them in randomly or "just because we havn't had one for thirty seconds" almost certainly won't work.
    With a fast paced video like this very quick transitions like fast fades through white (like a flash) often work, or rapid dissolves through colours. Also those motion blur things that look like you've done a rapid pan or (again rapid) wipes/slides/push/pull. Steer clear of transitions which need any time to watch - especially 3D stuff like (which generally look rubbish on anything except titles).

    Just my 2p.

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    I've used some flash transitions and fades in here. It's not a great video but I think the edit is ok. I agree completely with Tim Sta (which you'll always be to me ), use fades to show change. I also try to use a type of fade to suggest something - so a quick dissolve when it's a change of camera angle and a fade to black when changing location. So I might use various fades (which can look silly), but they represent something (so some how subconsciously you get away with it).
    And simple is best, no silly curtains or anything.
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