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Thread: Changing hair color torough a scene, what software can do that?

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    Default Changing hair color torough a scene, what software can do that?

    I was wondering about this effect some days now. I've tried Avid Liquid, Boris Red, Cyberlink PowerDirector and Sony Vegas. Every program had their own problems or limitations.

    What program could accomplish selective color replace for an animated object changing multiple angles over a longer period?

    Speaking: Changing a girls hair color to a striking neo-color torough a lenghty action scene!

    Requested workflow would be like this: Adjust colors in an selective color-range, reduce effect to a selected portion, match selection to movement, Adjust a setup for different shots.
    So the whole scene would finally look believeable.

    Any ideas? Did I miss something?
    There is no exact solution to find www.

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    Any NLE that has masking can do this but really the difficult side of it is the track motion which would require a separate plug in in most cases. After Effects is a common program that is used for effects of this nature.

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