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    This is a lap of Cannock Chase. As I'm riding on my own, there is only the one video angle so once you've seen the riding you might not want to sit through the rest (unless you want to see the technicality of the trail centre...). In this video, I tried to get an opening that sets the scene and then show what kind of thing to expect there - a summary of the centre if you will.

    In this video, I concentrated more on getting a variety of angles over one short section of trail and then composing them together. The film lacks a decent introduction to the ride and a decent ending which I'd tried to get in the above film. I used a sony bridge camera for the tripod shots and the wee Kodak for the frame mounted angles.

    In my next project, I hope to combine the the use of a narrative with a variety of angles. Though this is only really viable when I'm riding with some understanding lads...

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    That last one looked quite painful!

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    Aah, being over confident caused burn out from the rear tyre on my nuts. Other than that, I was wearing enough armour to survive with naught but the coackroaches.
    Any feedback on the general editing of either?

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    I can only comment from a mountain biker view, I only started editing a month ago after a trip to the Alps.

    I like the unusual camera view on the first video, is it on your backpack? I think you could have sped up the unpacking until you get to the head of the trail. I think it would be better with other camera angles, but works well, as a summary of what to expect. I also think the music is a little too chilled, nice song, but too chilled for me.

    Your 2nd video I really like. Nice camera angles, really like the bit with the two people watching you as you jump a gap also like the short intro. Music is spot on too

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    I was quite proud of the unusual angle in the first vid - It's not one I've seen done before. Though once it's on it's impossible to adjust so next time when I've a riding buddy It'll clear my arm a bit more. I agree on the music too... I wanted one track the whole way through and without resorting to Opeth, it was the only thing that lasted long enough and didn't seemed completely stupid!
    I rode the Alps this summer too and got some filming in - it was my first attempt at a short film and whilst there's loads of issues with it, many people have described it as very watchable
    It's long at 16min, so if you're interested, crack a beer and have a ganders. And do give us a tap if you generate any MTB vids!

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