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Thread: 2 Dogs 1 Cup

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    Default Fun time with Ferrets

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    Rubbish... Next.

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    Where's the dogs ?

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    There was a video on there - a cr@p one...a lesser known member of the Apewax crew put it on - probably for a joke! I couldn't work out how to delete thread so I changed the video. Hope you enjoy ferret drum and bass
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    Sorry the previous vid was an editing nightmare!

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    This ferret thing is the sort of thing one does when one first gets hold of editing software. Horrible!
    Fortunately we grow out of splattering effects everywhere fro no reason fairly quickly (or wonder why no-one watches our videos anymore).
    This would have been better just showing the freets straight.

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    Techno ferrits ! I'd rather see dogs. I thought that the editing showed some skill, keeping to the beat etc. I'm not a fan of the coulor work and I would straighten up the end shot. Looks like a you've got them a great cage. I was reminded of the time I use to have a chinchilla.

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    Sorry about the dogs! Can I change the title of the thread?

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