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    A colleague of mine was asked this:

    Do you know anything about digital video cameras?
    I'm wondering if there are any which are tiny but produce good quality walkie talkie without tapes. Thinking we should get one before we go on our round the world trip (New Caledonia will be like going back 100 million years in time). And my sister is coming June 6th so I could get it sooner to save and also practice at the Spithead review on June 28th.
    What else do I need? Do you want anything bringing?
    Anybody know anything about tapeless cameras?

    I've already advised against DVD cameras.

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    One of the magazines that went capput the other month (in the UK) mentioned these. Not sure there are any out as yert though. Even if there were I'm not convinved it would be cost effective as the cost of the memory cards you'd need would be a small fortune.

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    Yes, you can buy external "addons" to record to tapeless media. these are essentialy firewire drives and aren't cheap. I'm sure somewhere like Optex will stock them. Failing that, most cheapo non-DV cams record to flash cards at low res.

    It's also rumoured that the new Panasonic HD cam will record to solid state media.

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