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    So I just got started doing video editing. I made this video - KPop Masters. Will you be there? - YouTube - for a contest. It's an ad to a concert.

    I think it's okay for a first try and I really enjoyed making it, but I'm looking to improve. Some of the clips I used got very grainy in the final product while they seemed fine during the initial videos and during the editing process. not quite sure why.

    I use iMovie because I own a mac.

    Constructive Critcism and suggestions on how to stop the accidental grainy effect?


    (I'm not entirely sure I placed this right. If not, I apologize.)

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    I don't use Macs so I can't tell you how to change your rendering settings in iMovie but I can tell you that you used the wrong settings. The blocky or pixelated image is probably caused by not using a high enough bit rate. You may have even downsized the original to much. If you try to set your render settings to match you original footage this might help get a better final product.

    Hope this helps.

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