I have downloadedthe New Deshaker for Vegas Pro 8c and also the VirtualDub both from Z Cheema's Vegas portal (Thanks for that#
The 2 programs were installed to the default locations as shown on the help sheet, now I get stuck.
I open Vegas pro 8.0c and add a video clip to a video track there is NO audio associated with this clip.
If I now select the clip and run the Deshaker script on this clip, using the default settings, the deshaker interface comes up and runs 2 passes and then closes. The clip on the video track is now blank and says "Media offline" If I now right click the offline media on the video track / Takes / click media with -001 extension nothing happens.
If I go to the folder holding the original clip, there is now a Deshake folder in which is a copy of the original file with -001 extension #this file is about 6 times bigger than the original file.
If I drag this clip to the timeline it appears as an Audio track with no sound on it and will not load to a video track.
In the Virtual dub the Outbound template is set as PAL DV widescreen to match the original video clip.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I may be doing wrong, scripts are new to me so I may be missing something obvious.

Thanks in anticipation