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Thread: Encoding Issues - Client Can't Play Video

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    Hey All,

    Whats THE safest and most compatible way to deliver a video?

    I know that's a actually a huge topic and I had settled on .mp4 container with H.264 encoding. Seems that the general rule of thumb these days but my current client isn't liking it. First time they tried to play the video the codec was missing from the machine, then once they had updated Quicktime on their box (a laptop) they could play it but it was stuttering.

    I told them that the performance of the video is very dependent on the machine it's running on, and that H.264 is an intensive codec, however they aren't very impressed at the moment (understandably).

    What I'm not getting is the .mp4 I delivered is EXACTLY the max spec for Vimeo (H.264, 720p encoded at 5Mbps stream) and they can stream and play Vimeo HD fine ... this has left me very confused as to why they are having problems playing the video I've delivered. Naturally, the next iteration of the video has to be problem free hence why I'm here trying to learn what I've done wrong. Or what I can do to remedy the issue.

    Any input would be great.

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    For online delivery, the de facto standard is YouTube or Vimeo. For physical delivery, either DVD or bluray.

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    Hi Marc,

    I was actually referring to the encoding aspect of delivery. Getting the file to them is the easy bit!


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    Encoding is a given with those delivery mechanisms. You don't need to worry about clients not being able to view the output. By using these formats, you guarantee that the client can view the output: YouTube and Vimeo are viewed by millions and DVD / Bluray are defined formats. By transmitting video using other formats, you risk clients not being able to view the video.

    If this is not the final delivery format, I.e the client wants to dustibute or further edit the video, if I'd up to them to define the requirements.

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    Duh, I'm being stupid. Yeah, you're right about those formats. I've just been reading up on the topic for encoding for YouTube and I've done some tests now so I'm going with this delivery mechanism. They can then also embed on their site easily.

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    I'd suggest uploading the video on youtube, Then waiting 20 minutes and viewing it from start to finish, I've had some strange artefacts introduced by youtube video processing before Best that you are 100% happy it is a good upload before sending it to client.

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    I would recommend vimeo plus.

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    Yeah, I want a Vimeo plus account but I can't afford it right now. Will get one asafa ... MUCH better and more professional platform.

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