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Thread: Sony vegas rendering problems

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    Default Sony vegas rendering problems

    I have running some problems with sony vegas 11. First.. the screen was all black and didint show the clips, only the sound was playing normal. I read some forums about whats wrong with this.. I needed to transcoding the format to Quicktime (I followed Daves transcoding guide fully, I will link it down): and after that it started work better, few times I need to import my clips over and over again that they dont mess around anymore. Everything is playing pretty good expect some translated pictures. I tryed to render my final clips to video, but the quality was so horrible (again I followed Daves guide fully).
    I have doing rendering with Sony vegas 10 and it have worked really great.. but I dont figure this one out.. I have tryed so many days just playing with rendering diffrent setups.. I dont know if its the transcoding wrong, or some rendering setups are bad or the Sony vegas is just playing stupid or im just stupid.
    My camera is Canon 550D, shooting 1920-1080, 25fps and PAL

    Daves guide about transcoding:
    Transcoding Canon T2i 550D Mov Files for Sony Vegas Editing
    Setups for transcoding:
    File, Export to QuicktimeChoose Avid DNxHD.
    Click Options button
    Color levels RGB
    Click the tiny sliver of a box at the bottom of the window (this is a bug). It will allow you to select the bit rate for DNxHD. Select 1080/24p DNxHD 175 10-bit. Or select 1080/24p 115 8-bit. Experiment with both.
    Hover over the Uncompressed selection and the OK button will appear. This is another bug. Click OK.
    Set quality to 100%
    Uncheck Interlaced Scaling
    Select 1920×1080 unscaled
    Click “Make Movie”

    My horrible video

    Rendering setups: (ofcourse I changed quality 1920/1080p, 25fps, but everything else was about the same
    Sony Vegas MainConcept Settings | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Thanks anyways!
    Greetings from Finland, Oliver

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    Still searching for some help!

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    Increase the variable bit rate for max bps 4,000,000 to two or three times that, I set mine to around 25Mb and the average to around 10 Mb. If you fine the file size is to big then gradually reduce the the bit rates until you find a happy balance of quality and file size.

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