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Thread: [Canon 60D] Island KRK - place to be

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    Cool [Canon 60D] Island KRK - place to be

    Please, take time and check out my new video:

    I wanted to capture some sweet moments from summer and test my new camera and's what came out.

    Filmed & edited by Aljaz Kete
    Shot on Canon 60D + Canon 17-85
    Edited in premiere pro & after effects

    All comments and critics much appreciated...

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    Nice quality images but I did have a problem with a couple of things. The logo was nearly falling of the left side of the image. Then the shot at 12 secs did fall off the side. The pan between 15 and 20 seconds was jumpy which was either a processing error or some sort of attempt to be fashionable. The shot at 31 secs looks like it has been over sharpened. I think you should have levelled some of the horizons.

    Apart from that it was fine.

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