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    Morning all,
    I don't frequent the forums here as much as another, and recently produced something for that forum which a few people were interested in (cos there's a growing number of film makers there). I thought you might like to see too. I have cut a short snippet from a longer movie I created with the help of VF and upped it to various video hosting sites to compare their compression and output algorythms (I don't really know what I'm saying but I think those big words are in the right order...). You might be interested if you want to decide for yourself which host to give your alliegiance to.
    One Loose Crank's mountain biking blog
    The links to the videos are on the blog post along with a link to where you can read peoples opinions of the alternatives. If you would like me to up the video to another site to compare, do let me know and I'll try and up it.

    If you've got any opinions on the comparison do let me know!
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