I need to produce Blu Ray output for a wedding project and am confused about the correct Sony Vegas project settings and the settings for rendering - could you please help?

Do it set up the Sony Vegas Project settings as:

1. HDV 1080-50i(1440x1080, 25fps) or HDV 1080-50i(1920x1080, 25fps)?

2. When I render the file for output to DVDA, do I save as Main Concept MPEG-2 with template of HDV 1080-50i?

The client has also asked for a SD version, so do I:

1. Set up the project as 1 above and render using AVI for Windows or change project settings to PA DV Widescreen (720x576, 25fps)

Sorry if these are basics, but as I say I am completely new to Blu ray and want to be sure I am doing it right.

I am using Vegas Pro 10