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Thread: The Clones goes crazy ;)

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    Default The Clones goes crazy ;)

    A drummer colnes him self 11 times to get into the rythm

    Multi clones edited in Sony Vegas (Romano Imigranto Summer Druming) - YouTube

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    Nice job. Well planned and neatly masked.
    More importantly, quite entertaining.
    (PS Please don't post in more than one section, cos it's best to keep all replies in one place)

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    Thanks for opinnion

    (Ive put a post in a wrong section at the beginning, and i wanted to move or delete it, but i couldnt.. its this function avaible ?)

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    Well planned and executed. Anything with a digerydoo is a winner in my book.

    Great job.

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    It's nice to see someone making clones of themselves for something fun rather than just "Oh look, It's a clone of me sitting in a sofa!"

    Nice job!

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    Thanks for a nice words I really appreciate it.
    When it comes to making a clones its not that easy when you filming outside, becouse of changing weather conditions - light,wind,clouds have matter .. as in my case ive tryied few times to shoot myselve on the main scenery.
    Sometimes i was almost done with filming but then suddenly come some clouds and the light was changed ,and if you have a different light
    clone would look artifficial. So you have to start from the beginning on another day. But i was really a fun making it

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    Really well done doesn't seem to be any glitches I always have a bit of a masking problem!

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