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Thread: is old still good ?

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    Default is old still good ?

    hi all

    im new to the vid camera world , im a dslr man normally but like the idea of capturing moving images as well as stills

    my dslr (canon 500 d ) has hi def video capture but as far as i can see it has good clarity but rubbish focus abilities.

    ive been looking at canon x1's and the equivelent from other manufactures , cica 2000 / 2002 these are going for around £500 on ebay, my question is are these worth the money or is the modern handy cam for the same money as good now ?
    im guessing the optics on the older cameras with interchangable lenses are going to be better but the rest is a mystery,

    any help would be very much appreciated . i have around £500 / £700 to spend if there is any suggestions.

    many thanks nathan

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    Yes old is still good.
    In my opinion, DV footage from a camera with a good lens and image processing + proper manual controls will most likely be superior to a consumer handy cam. However the portability might sway you one way or the other.

    Yes a "newer" camera could do "HD" onto a card...but I would want to see the camera in action before. I buy it.

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    seems like a lot of cash to spend on an eleven year old "mechanical" camera. is there a way to tell how much use these cameras have had ?
    do you get any kind of warranty for your £500 ?

    £700 will buy you 1080p, 50fps look at the latest canons and panasonic's.

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    no you dont get any warrenty , and i know what your saying it is a lot , but its seems to be the going price for them , theres lots all for the same money on ebay .
    i think the camera was £3000 new but £500 is still a lot after £10 + years .

    being looking at canon 5D slr now as ive read that is excellent for vid on other forums, so could be the answer, nice new camera for stills and its good for vid

    thanks for your help

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    5D MK-II?

    That's a serious amount of cash considering your budget is £700, A 5D will set you back £1200-1500

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    my budget is £700 for a vid camera, which would of been a toy to mess around on . i ride moto x so wanted something to go with my Go pro to try and make a video.

    photography is my main passion so if i can get something that does both im happy.

    is it as good as they say? as my 500d is usless at filming anything moving fast even with my best lens on

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathf1980 View Post
    is it as good as they say? as my 500d is usless at filming anything moving fast even with my best lens on
    This should answer your question:
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    Just got a 600d and it is so much of an upgrade over the canon g9 . Cannot wait to put it to some good use, Video is great quality however it is not as easy to use as a camcorder built for the purpose. However with the range of lenses on offer I think it could give a camcorder a run for its money... seen some youtube videos of people filming the craters in the moon!

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