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Thread: Heli-snowboarding in Alaska

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    Default Heli-snowboarding in Alaska

    Hi all,

    This is my video of heli-snowboarding in Alaska 2011 CPG Entry 2 by Jason Williams and Mia Low - YouTube

    Edited using Final Cut Pro X and Motion. Filmed on my GoPro and handycam.

    I'd appreciate it if you'd click LIKE in Youtube (requires Youtube account) for me and perhaps leave me some feedback in this thread. I entered the video in a contest and I hope you like it.


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    Long titles of people we don't know is a waste of time on a video like this for the casual viewer. It's ok for friends and family.

    You managed to capture the great sense of wilderness but there seemed to be little in the line of excitement. This might be due to only having one camera and not being put together. I'm not saying it wasn't exciting for you, I'm sure it was great but again for the casual viewer I didn't get that from the video.

    The over all length was too long, it should have been cut down to the length of the first track. That way you would have a better video with just using the best bits.

    This may seem harsh but it's just my view of it, especially as a competition entry.

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