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Thread: uploading footage into a new...folder??

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    Default uploading footage into a new...folder??

    I have not upload any of my AVCHD footage ( mostly shot at 1080/50 although some lower quality ) to my PC yet. I have Sony vegas software.

    My question is this, the last time i uploaded footage - on a previous harddrive - it seemed to clog up the thing using vast amounts of memory..SO - now that im using a new harddrive..Can anyone please tell me...How best to upload ( via USB cable ) into my i put it into a new folder? or directly into Sony vegas?

    Thoughts more than welcome.

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    Load it into a new folder with an appropriate name and remember where it is so that you can find it again.

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    Although appreciate the reply..What i was really after was...

    ..I'm aware ( i think ) that everything i upload to my PC drains the thing..and even when your may delete's still clogging up memory. With the 1080/50 footage..appearing soooo damn heavy for want of a better expression...i dont want to upload unnesserally. So do i upload straight into Sony Vegas - so footage wont be clogging up parts of my pc..and when im dont editing and burning my disc..i can simply delete the folder from sony vegas?

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    If you don't put it on your hd where are you going to edit the footage from, the memory card? Have you got a tiny hd. If it's so badly affected by dumping a memory card full of footage then it's time to get a bigger hd. One you have edited the footage you can always delete it off the hd. If you really don't want it but I would recomend backing it up before deleting it.

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    Right so the exact thing I was trying to avoid has happened ( no thanks to the people on this forum..who didnt bother replying!! ). I have uploaded in Sony Vegas ALL of my saved video clips...a few hours worth I imagine. I did ask what was the best method of uploading clips....I now realise uploading directly into Sony vegas probably wasnt the best of ideas!thanks!!

    Apart from the fact I have to wait as my clips upload/come into view within Sony Vegas..for some reason..prey please tell!!!!....unless i have my camcorder linked via usb to my will not 'show' me the previously uploaed clips ( from the SD inside the camcorder ). So..terrific.

    Seems, the exact thing i DIDNT want to happen I will now have to do . That is delete EVERYTHING regarding my clips and basically start afresh - avoiding Sony Vegas and instead into a separate folder..and then bring that into Vegas should i need it.

    SO...even now i delete my clips...its will still be clogging up my hardrive somewhere. Peeved to say the very least!!

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    From the sounds of it the over riding problem you have is insufficient hardware to cope with video editing. It is not the software or the files being added onto the hard drive or anything else. It is your computer that is not good enough to do the task you are asking it to do and your lack comprehension of computers in general. Do you ever do any housekeeping on your system, defrag, get rid of old unwanted files, delete browsing history, empty the Recycle bin etc.

    One thing you could do, after you have done some housework on your system, is not shoot in HD until you have a better computer, this might help you get some video editing done BUT I urge you to look at getting a better computer to save yourself a lot of grief.

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    Appreciate the reply ( are you the only one on this forum!! ). I do not have the specs to hand however my PC is only a year old, quad core, 4 (something or other ) of Ram...etc...Regardless of this however, I have previously uploaded - withouth problem ( on another harddrive ) all of my HD footage ( to my panasonic software ( which my panny camcorder came with ) ..runs, burns no problem but editing is useless regarding inserting titles/transitions..not my computer fault but the software ).

    So - my PC can handle the HD...but the point I was getting at is..clearly uploading any footage directly into sony not the way to go. And i should of uploaded into folders onto my PC instead. WHICH im now going to have to go..and regardless of 'fragging' etc I will be clogging up my harddrive twice! ( in my uneducated opinion...even if you defrag etc..all clutters up etc..Ive had too many Harddrives collapse on me and although first to admit i know little about the hardware side of PC's - know enough to realise that...the less you load up to a harddrive the better it be.

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    What do you mean by uploading into Vegas ? What is you exact procedure for doing this.

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    It's easy to get lost in jargon and terminology. Try to think of this in terms of your workflow. To give you an analogy, treat organising your clips how you would your house. If you use something often, keep it easy to hand. For example you'd keep a current magazine on a coffee table. You might cut out clippings you want to keep, but unlikely to keep back issues unless you're a collector.

    The same applies to video. Store unedited raw footage in a local directory whilst you're working on it. This gives you speed of access. Output the edited version and also store this locally and remotely on a video hosting site. Finally, archive your raw footage onto a separate USB or NAS drive.

    When you import to Vegas, you are performing the first step: you're keeping it on the coffee table. If you don't tidy up after you've used it, it gets a bit clustered. As long as you regularly archive footage, you keep an ordered workflow. You can still fill up your drives to a certain extent - gone are the days when a system suffered due to a full drive in my experience!

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