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Thread: Which software to use?

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    Default Which software to use?

    I am very new to all of the video making but have been asked by my boss to produce a 10 minute film with video interviews of 3 senior managers...
    I will have two cameras (handhelds nothing special) I also managed to get an external clip on (tie-clip) mic and will connect it to a canon 7D (a friend of mine is lending it to me). I have created a story board and it has a lot of cat-aways, close ups etc. I would like to use those to make 10 minutes of interviews more visually interesting.
    How do I edit it? Is there a free software wher I can edit it in this way? (Use different clips and audio tracks, may be have original sound form cut-outs in backgraound while onterview voice is on top of it and laud), have name titels on screen rather then blend in/out a question or name as a separeate frame? Is ther a software that a begiiner can use quickly? (I currently only have Movie maker but should get Adobe Premier next week) - should I use Audacio to "clean up my audio and then import it into an editing program?...

    Please, is ther anyone sho could help me?

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    Can I encourage you in the strongest possible terms:
    For paid corporate work, and if your manager wants it to look sharp and professional, get someone on board who is experienced and has a proven track record in video production.
    If you outsource the work, with the right person the work will look stunning but if you take on something like this all on your own and the result is not quite as good as you wanted, your manager will be upset with you.
    I would not ask you to learn how to play piano...then perform at a live concert in the Royal Albert Hall as your first "live gig", why take the risk with video?

    __________________________________________________ _____________
    Now on the other hand, I can give you the following advice.

    I assume you have in addition to a story board a project time-line with a budget, time estimates for each stage of the project, cost of each items, ect. I hope as part of your costings you have the cost of the Adobe Premier software?...If not include it, Your firm has a right to pay for it.

    Get this today
    Start learning how to use the tool before you record the footage, record some footage on the camera's and make sure you can import it into the software/edit it before you try to record the senior managers.
    There is nothing worse than showing up to do a job...only to find the tool you picked does not work!

    Next off, I would ask you to consider "renting" some proper cameras, It sounds to me like you have a mish mash of cameras, from the 7D to a couple of handicams. The issue you will find with using different camera's is they will each have their own way of storing the footage, they each have their own settings and they each have different lens inside which means when you go from close to wide in the interview WHOOPS, the picture looks completely different.
    There are many rental companies where you can rent a 4K pro end camera for as little as 150 for a week-end hire, Even if you just hire 3 cameras that are all the same, set them all to the same settings, it will make your life a lot simpler when it comes to editing.

    Finally, Make sure you source "royalty" free music, Don't use any tracks by say...U2 or Elvis Presley. Find websites that sell or are giving away royalty free music.

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    I would love to do it more professionally than it will be but there is no way I could. Even the price of the external mic I paid out of my pocket and it will be hidden in misc expencies by my manager to get me the money I layer out first... The latest video they recorded and will be using looks horrible I will never allow my work to sound and look that bad but I am limited by what I can get.
    You are right about different cameras - I think i will stick to just one and record cutaways after/before interviews I also may ask them to record same thing twice (per person it's only 3 questions and about ten minutes)

    I will download a trial version on my laptop and play with it and a test recording to ensure it works!
    Are there any good tutorials for premier for me to learn the editing?

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