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Thread: First movie i ever made - gymnastics

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    Default First movie i ever made - gymnastics

    Teamgym gymnastics is a sport similar to artistic gymnastic, though the apparatuses are only three, and not six(for men) and four(for women). The three different apparatuses are tumbling, trampette and floor. Tumbling is a 14-15 meter long carbon fiber supported track, where you can do flips, double flips even triple flips with twists. Trampette is like a mini trampoline where also can do up to triple and even some do more. Floor is a rhythm act, where the gymnasts perform a "dance" to music with various exercises.

    This movie is dedicated to the Norwegian team: Stag Men, we are the top best in Norway and a top 5 in Europe.
    I hope you enjoy the movie and please, criticize me, tips tricks i should use. Sorry about the quality most places, but didn't figure out how to make the clip in better resolution. I used Sony Vegas Pro 10.

    Sincerly Lars Ulrik - editor at awesome production

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    It's a shame the rendering quality isn't very good. It looks like it would be a good video. A bit long for the casual viewer but great for the club members and friends to watch.

    If you tell me what the original footage is and the rendering settings you chose, I'll try and help with a suggestion to improve the image quality.

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    My laptop is really old, so i did not manage to render the whole edited film at once, so i had to make into three parts, then add the rendered files to a project and render again, i don't know if this effects the quality.

    The original footage:
    720x576x32, aspect ratio is 1,0926 (PAL-DV)

    Render settings:
    1920x1080 (guess maybe i should have done 1280x720)
    Frame rate 29,99997.
    Maximum bps: 2 000 000
    Average bps: 768 000
    Render quality: Best

    Hope i answered right. thanks for comment and help!

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    Yes, rendering twice can reduce the over all quality especially when you are trying to upscale like you have. If you shot the movie is SD (Standard Definition) You aren't going to get a better image rendering in HD (High Definition).

    Try and do the project in one go. If you set the project properties choosing the PAL DV Widescreen template this might help but you will have to set the pixle aspect ratio to match your raw footage (1.0926 (PAL DV)). You can lower the preview quality to help the video run smoother.

    Choose the MainConcept mpeg2 on the save as type. Choose the DVD Architect PAL widescreen template. Click on the custom settings button and put in the following settings.

    Include video stream box ticked
    Output type MPEG2
    Size should already be set correctly
    Video quality High
    Select constant bit-rate and set the bit-rate to 9,800,000

    Click on the audio tab and tick the include audio stream box

    Click on the project tab and select Best.

    The one setting I'm not sure about is the interlace setting this should be either lower field first to keep an interlaced image or None Progressive to de-interlace the image, the latter can look better on Youtube sometimes but you might have to render both types to see which looks best to you.

    Hope this helps.

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