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Thread: Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 : video importation goes nuts (help needed)

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    Default Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 : video importation goes nuts (help needed)

    Hi there ! After hours of going totally crazy and threatening my computer of throwing it through the window, I tought I might as well go search for help here.

    I've been using Premiere Pro for a while now, and, without saying I know the program perfectly, I think I am able to use it fine.

    Yet, I started yesterday a new project, using videos filmed with my samsung video camera, size 1920x1080, mp4, 50 f/s.
    First curious thing that happens : when importing one of the videos in my project (HDV 1080p25 at first, but I then tried nearly everything), it turned from a 16:9 size to 4:3 size, along with the frame rate reduced to 13 f/s.
    Okay. Strangely, the other videos were the right size and frame rate. I decided to act like it was nothing.

    Then, after two hours of video editing (and regular saving), I made a wrong manipulation and the program crashed. It was okay since I had saved.
    I load my project but Premiere proudly tells me that, I quote "Premiere unexpectedly closed". Well, why not. I then load a previous save, and happily see that all my videos are now not only 4:3,
    but also have a frame rate that goes from 13 f/s to 0,95 f/s !

    No matter what I tried, it didn't change.
    I wondered if maybe the mp4 format was the problem. I then converted my videos to AVI. It was even worse, since the sound was working but the video was frozen, even after rendering !

    I then tried with Sony Vegas 9, but when I saw that, in order to render a 30 seconds video, it announced ........ more than 2 hours, I stopped.

    I don't know what's wrong. Maybe my videos are the problem, but nothing says they're corrupted, and all my video players read them perfectly. Also, it isn't the first time I create a video with this camera, so I am totally lost.I sincerely hope that someone will understand the problem... If any more information is needed, just tell me !

    Thanks a lot, Mayuri. (sorry, I know that post was quite long)
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    do you install many decoders in your computer?
    if really no ,install computer system
    good luck.

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    Adobe Premier is an industry standard video editor, one of the most powerful editors on the planet.
    You should never ever ever under any circumstances install 3rd party "free" codecs on your editing system.

    Try making a new project, then instead of choosing a pre-set, go to the settings tab, then choose "custom" from the list and specify the exact settings of your video.

    Set it to match the exact same settings of your camera. The size, the FPS rate, everything must be the same but it's easy done in that window.

    Then try that, see how it goes!

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    Have you tried the "interpret footage" option?
    If Premire recognizes the footage you imported with a different frame rate and aspect ratio, it could be a missing codec or something, but if you force premiere to interpret the footage as your original file (25fps and I assume the is aspect ration is square pixels) it should work.

    Also, does your camera films in progressive mode or interlaced?
    Because you created a progressive sequence...

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