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Thread: Doughnut for a cop!!!

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    This is video where are tried something else. Little chroma keying and also used walkie talkies to create police radio traffic.
    Mainly I made this to cheer you up and I had a blast making it.
    Thank you for any comment.. Enjoy!

    Doughnut for a cop.mp4 - YouTube

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    With a bit tighter editing that could be a lot better. I noticed we only saw one car moving at a time. Is that because you filmed this alone.

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    Thank you Midnight Blue!
    Yeah, I filmed all by my self. The police car is not a remote controlled car so I had to push it and the red car is broken and can not go straight...(I work with 2 year olds).
    So I had limited possibilities. Also the close up shot drifting around the police car's bumper needs to be color corrected. I shot it on a different day and it didn't look bad on my monitor, but when I saw it on the other computer at work it is quite noticeable.

    Thanks for the comment...

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