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Thread: Increase Audio Volume Output On MP4 File

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    I have an MP4 video the volume of which is very low after I uploaded it to You Tube. It was low even before I uploaded it. I need to elevate the volume--i.e., the audio volume itself--so that when I upload it to You Tube it will have a greater volume potential--i.e., just be louder!

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    Use the volume controle in your editng software to increace the volume or some other 3rd part audio software. I'm guessing your new to video.

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    It's possible OP has run into the problem that Vegas Studio appear to limit the increase in volume, although they permit attenuation to zero.
    Vegas Studio permits +12db (and down to zero op). If the level is too low, I guess this +12dB won't help.

    However, if you have the Vegas Studio Production Suite (or possibly Audacity...DYOR) the sound can be exported, changed dramatically and then returned. A word of warning: If there is any sync involved, do not alter the length of the clip (for example by "cutting" out handling clicks, or adding "Silence" to space-out sound FX) - use the volume control (SoundForge use Process/volume) - then the clip can be saved and returned exactly the same length, but now expertly trimmed and tweaked.

    Fine-tuning of levels can be done in Vegas Studio, once low-levels are somewhat higher.

    BTW I find 90% of YouTube vids are too quiet - Browsers appear to understand only making the level lower.... odd that, like brightness - no control at all . . . I wonder why?

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