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Thread: Second Hand MiniDV Camcorder required

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    Default Second Hand MiniDV Camcorder required

    I can no longer download my MiniDv data using my Camcorder (Canon MV750i) as the connection in the camera is broken. It was suggested getting an old/second hand camcorder but all the ones I have come across are working units and the sellers are looking for big prices. I only want one to download my data not record. Any ideas where I can get one or replacement parts for the camcorder. I live in Cork, Ireland.
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    Thanks Andy, will keep an eye on it.

    In case it goes elsewhere, anybody else got another idea???

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    Any mindv camcorder should play minidv tapes. So I would just keep an eye, on ebay, in the mindv section and see what comes up where nobody bids on it.

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    The only caveat to that would be that tapes recorded in LP mode typically only Played back in the same make of camera.

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    No luck to date. If anyone comes across one please let me know. I have quite a few MiniDVs to be downloaded and no means of doing it.

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