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    I have been working recently on a series of short video clips and assistant producing some additional content for an ARG (alternate reality game)

    Its set in a transmedia conference called storyworlds in San Francisco this halloween. Delegates have been able to follow twitter seances leading up to the event then once in situ, download a free app, follow media releases through twitter, audioboo and the game websites to solve the puzzle of a missing producer. Alongside all of this there have been real world treasure hunts to find clues, get people on site to snap them for you if your not there and experience spooky happenings.

    I haven;t been able to get out to San Francisco due to money and other commitments, however I have been content managing the media releases, keeping in touch with my colleagues over there and releasing stuff online at the appropriate times.

    You guys may struggle to catch up to speed as it is nearly over, but I wanted to point it out as a slightly less traditional approach to content creation - videos for iphone apps, games which coincide with real world or fictional events.

    The more popular these things get, the more avenues are opened for us creative folk, so keep an open mind

    All of the videos are here

    heres one for convenience

    Do let me know what you think, difficult i know without having the full picture, but I am quite proud of them.
    Alongside the video we recorded a ton of audio and photography, special effects for graphic elements and made the app that goes with it with the assistance of a developer.

    EDIT- heres the context! made by one of the players! Zoetrap Walkthrough | Tree of Providence

    But if anyone is interested in this sort of thing, I have also been involved in another similar project, a 'facebook theatre' called Nightvision, which will be released soon
    you can follow it here
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    An interesting concept Fuzzy. As you say anything that can give creatives work is a good thing.

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    its opened up a whole new avenue for me, its a lot of fun

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