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    I am a newbie to editing. I want to rip and edit and burn home movies to playable dvd. The home movies (originally on vcr and 8mm) are copied to DVDs and are in the UDF file system, and have VOB extension.
    My dvd player will play vob videos. But, I want to edit and combine several on one dvd. Windows Live Movie Maker will only save to wmv and this is not playable. Other sw will save to mpeg-4 but is not playable.
    I am unable to find online a vob editor. I tried to use Avidemux but it is too complicated for me. Suggestions? Much thanks, Raleigh

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    A long shot, if you change the .vob extention to mpg this may let you edit the file. If that doesn't work Sony Vegas media studio will edit .vob files and write a new media DVD for you after you have edited the movies and it's under fifty quid.

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