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Thread: First Effects Video - "Nyan Chase" - any advice or feedback would be awesome!

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    Default First Effects Video - "Nyan Chase" - any advice or feedback would be awesome!

    I just started getting into video making, this is my first attempt:

    Nyan Chase - YouTube

    Any advice, feedback, or ideas for future videos would be absolutely amazing!

    (That kid in the video isn't me)

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    Very good job for your first attempt. Ahhhh ! that bloody annoying cat. One thing I noticed was the audio level was clipping ie to louse causing distortion. Remember for your future videos the sound is as important as the image.

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    That was excellent. You set yourself a goal which was within you capabilities and executed it very well. I liked the attention to detail: ensuring the cat was the correct size for the perspective, the shadow (at around 0:32) and with the exception of some undersexposed stuff (whwre you are rather silhouetted against the background) good clear shots. You also told the story well, with humour and suspense. And the timing of the payoff, which I found rather disappointing as it seemed too "serious" for the light-heartedness of the film, was nevertheless timed to perfection.
    Great job!

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    Thank you both for the helpful feedback!

    @Blue: I'm not sure what you mean by audio level clipping. I did adjust the level of the music for different shots (in the beginning I lowered the levels because the scene was more peaceful versus the chase part, where I raised them. The bathroom scene was quieter because the sound was muffled by the bathroom door) though I might have done it a bit sloppily. If you mean the sound of him running, etc, I didn't really have good audio to work with so I kinda had to improvise. Note to self: pay more attention to audio when filming . Thank for the advice, I definitely have a lot to learn when it comes to audio.

    @Tim: your post made my day, thanks! The shadows took forever to figure out how to do, I'm glad someone noticed! I realize the problems with the underexposure, I just had to make do with the natural light. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to lighting, I definitely have to look into it. As for the payoff: I couldn't resist a good car crash, it's too much fun !

    Thanks again to you both for the feedback!

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    By clipping I mean for example when the audio comes in at around 20 secs it is so loud that it is distorted. I know why the audio was at different levels for the different scenes. I understand why you wanted louder parts etc. You just pushed it to much in parts which made the sound go into distortion. If you didn't have good audio to start with I understand why it happened.

    It's good to learn the audio lesson early in your filming, so your films will be better.

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    Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!

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