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    Default Newbie hardware problem

    Firstly, hi all, looking forward to learning lots of here.
    I have edited before using Ulead Videostudio 9 on a desktop, but only 1 family holiday.
    Decided to update the laptop to allow me to do some on there, so got an Acer 5750 with i5 processor and 6gb ram, although only an intel HD 3000 graphics card.
    My camcorder is a Sony miniDV so I used firewire to download to the desktop.
    Whats my best option to get the video onto the laptop(there is no place to get a firewire fitted)

    Please go easy on me

    Thanks, Andy
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    Rather upsettingly, firewire is not a priority on most laptops, they are viewed as a niece item.

    Right, a cheap and "dodgy" way of doing it, would be to purchase a USB capture device for video, You should have a little lead that plugs into the camera and on the other end of that lead are 3 plugs ( red white and yellow ) which you can then plug into the adaptor.

    Maybe a product like this:
    Pinnacle Dazzle DVD Recorder: Softwarehich would allow you to capture the video as you play it out of the camera into the laptop.

    There will be a quality loss...but without using your desktop to capture the footage via firewire I don't think there is an alternative!

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    Have you got a friend that can capture the footage for you and then transfer the footage onto your laptop.

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    Thanks, do you mean capture, via firewire then transfer to dvd to imput onto the laptop?

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    Yes, capture via firwire on a friends PC and then make a DVD data disk with the footage on it. DON'T make a media disk for it. Or hook it up via a network conection or any way you can think of to copy from their PC to your laptop.

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