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    Hi all

    Okay here's my first proper video. I shot and edited it myself. I'm not ashamed of it but i'm not proud of it either. I've spotted tons of things I did wrong both on camera and off so there are a lot of things I dislike but overall i feel it wasn't bad for a first attempt. It was edited using FInal Cut Pro X and the music is done to a track obviously not live. There are a few annoying bits where there is a plug board in the background but i'm not overly worried about that. I took a lot of footage but realized after that I was being a bit manic with the camera and need to tone it back next time. I'd like honest opinions as harsh as ye like I won't be offended. Look forward to the slating! Thanks

    FullSet - Tree Reels, Glenstal Abbey 2011 - YouTube
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pipehype View Post
    ..I'm not ashamed of it but i'm not proud of it either...
    A good starting point.

    The thing that screams out at me is lighting. The entire set look flat and lifeless. Shots wise - not a bad combo, but i felt too long on the central view and DON'T zoom in and out. I know the temptation - zooming you think will add interest - it doesn't. I just found myself wondering how long after the zoom in will you start zooming out again.

    Moving the camera gives an altogether different effect, and with a decent dolly and tripod you could have created the interest that way.

    Also, switch to manual focus - I noticed one shot where the camera couldn't decide what to focus on...

    Overall though, as you say, not bad, not great. But you'll learn lessons from this you can apply in the future.

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    You've said you've spotted tons which you did wrong so I doubt anything I say will be new to you.
    Nevertheless I think you should be proud of it. If this is truly your first video it's very good.
    Youve got lots of different angles, the colour matches throughout, the lighting is consitant, the sound is good (OK, so it's dubbed which made life a lot easier, but you've clearly appreciated teh need for good audio).
    You cut nicely on the beats - the first cut was perfect (whereas the song say's it's the deepest!)
    And the video perfectly accompanies the music.
    Great job!

    Things I spotted which you could improve next time.

    Firstly, the musicians were not always playing what we saw. You edited it well to the beat, but not to the content. I doubt 'd spot it on most of the instruments, but the guitart was grequently changing chords on the video at different times to the audio. I really have no idea how many people would twig this.
    Theer were some great shots involving movement - but be careful how you cut them together. The camera around the guitarist at around 1:00 is good, but the cut into the zoom into the bagpipe player rather jarred, for example.
    There were also lots of interesting angles.
    But watch out for the few aimless shots where the camera seemed to be searching for a subject (eg 3:04).
    There were also too many zooms. In particular watch out for zooming in, then out - that's a big no no - it gives the viewer a feeling of going somewhere then backtracking.
    There were also the possibilities of yet more interesting shots/cutaways: the girl's tapping foot caught my eye - a close up of that could be useful to cover (eg) a shot where the camera is searching for a subject. Shots of the environs might be good too - the fireplace looked interesing.
    Lighting - this was rather poor. The musicians were generally rather dark against the lights in the background. Shame.

    But for a first video - bloody fantastic!

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    Like the others I thought it was very good for a first effort. As Andy pointed out the lighting isn't right. It's good to light the background to make it interesting but very unusual to have the background brighter than the talent. In fact it's just wrong in most instances. Look at the image and your eye is drawn to the lighter areas of the picture I liked the titles, the sound was good. etc.....

    Well done.

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    It is my first video. I obviously have been messing around with the camera for the last while but haven't done any editing or had any project to work on apart from chasing the dogs around!

    I definitely agree with the lighting to be honest I was just guessing with the lights and I don't think I actually have enough lights especially for the size of the room. Actually I know I don't have enough lights.

    There is no macro focusing from face to face and all that. It's something that there will be a lot more of in my next project. The straight shot and zooming in and out was put in in places where I hated the other shots i'd done it was like the boring safe shot. The zooming as done in editing and I definitely take on board what you're saying about it it was to keep a bit of movement and add interest.

    The music is synced up quite correctly. However there are bits and pieces where the musicians especially the guitar player is doing the wrong chords to the track which I suppose is still my fault for showing it. I definitely should have had more room shots. I like the idea of the foot tapping those are things I'll concentrate on having more of in future

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    I am addicted to the TV series "Transatlantic Sessions"; and enjoy watching YouTube clips of celtic/scot/whatever folk music.
    I enjoyed the audio in your clip. And look forward to your next.
    Without a visible audience, I wonder whether you may consider re-arranging the positions of the players. A line up, as you have, suggests this is what the band look like when they play live on stage. On the other hand, if they were to form a square, looking inwards, it would look more intimate; as string quartets often do. Would that offer more, or better, camera angles?
    I have no expertise in lighting; but the whole clip looked a little red to me; but I appreciate that even if it were compensated for (either in the camera or in software); that the scene would look slightly colourless.
    Thanks for posting it.


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