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Thread: Help with film entry DVD- please !!

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    Default Help with film entry DVD- please !!

    Hi everyone,
    I am entering my first film i have made into a few competitions and have come to a stumbling block so i need some of your expert advice.

    In a contest in America they are asking for a Region free or Region one DVD. I have put my film from Mini DV onto DVD-R. Will this be good enough?? (for some reason i doubt it)


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    well, if you have authored it yourself, it will be a region-free dvd, unless you have specified ohterwise,

    You may have problems because your DVD will be PAL and they'll be expecting NTSC, so you might want to convert your source to NTSC before you encode and make a dvd out of it then.

    this thread might be useful:
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    Thank you very much.

    I use Premier 6 and see that i can change to NTSC on the settings. I will email the festival people and see if they accept PAL just in case.

    Cheers again


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    As Marc says on the other thread, this is a good tool to convert Raw PAL to NTSC

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    I had always understood (probably incorrectly) that the regionof the DVD Burner was written to firmware using Windows Control Panel.

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    Yep, the region encoding of a DVD player is written to the firmware and you normally get 5 changes before it's permanent. If you get a DVD player/dvd disc region mismatch, the DVD won't play. This is easily circumvented by region free software (or flashing the drive with region free firmware)!

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