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Thread: Shows with fresh looks/editing/effects?

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    Default Shows with fresh looks/editing/effects?

    Hey folks,

    I'm looking for inspiration to freshen up my editing a little. (I don't mean to copy anything - I'm just looking for trends and general concepts.)
    Can you recommend any (especially nonfictional) tv shows that have an extraordinary look, fresh graphic elements or anything else that made your jaws drop?

    Thanks everyone!

    PS: I don't know many English programmes so I'm happy about any recommendations that might be far too obvious/popular in your eyes.
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    Take a look at my likes on vimeo.

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    Thankyou Marc. There're some great videos in your list - I especially liked the style of "press play".

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    I very much love the intro sequence to Deadwood - it all seems to have a very high contrast, increased temperature and reduced saturation (which is what I do to my stills actually ). There's lots of slow mo and reflected images, and the style is of capturing the essence of the town by closing in on tiny details like the mud. The episodes aren't shot like that, but I think it's the best intro sequence of any TV show.

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    Thx, oneloose! I just watched it and it looks awesome, I also like the music very very much - it's so rough!
    I think my favourite main titles are those from Dexter. True Blood also looks awesome (and has some good music), I never watched an episode, though...

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    As i said in my thread im proberly on the wrong board as your all experts and im just a gamer who wants to make vids for fun but atleast this one i can hopefuly input on lol

    I always liked the opening to "dolls house" they way they used false perspective to make real footage look like models (or tilt shift, not sure if false perspective is correct term)

    a perfect example of it is here

    for reference the site i got the link from is Tilt-Shifted Ski Resort Delivers Thrills in Miniature | Underwire |

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