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Thread: Using my Panasonc HDTV as "broadcast monitor"?

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    Default Using my Panasonc HDTV as "broadcast monitor"?


    In past education in film making, I was always told that in order to view the footage as it most accurately would appear on TV, I should always hook up my computer to a television.

    The content is HD.

    So, I experimented with this by connecting my HD television to my computer (Windows 7 64-bit) simply using an HDMI cable - my computer has an HDMI cable slot.

    I wanted to ask if this would actually produce the effect I desire, which is to "mimic" the way the footage would look when viewed on a TV.

    I have it set so that whenever the editing program plays footage, it plays on my HD television. I do notice there are little black bars at the edges of the television. But the video is in the correct proportion and the black bars are not large at all.

    In the past, I suppose it was less confusing with non-HD footage and non-HD monitors.

    Nowadays, HD televisions have every sort of port imaginable, but I'm not convinced that the setup I described above is the way to get the result I am seeking.

    I'm guessing that HD televisions these days offer SO MUCH quality that the picture wouldn't be an accurate representation of the footage.

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

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    You will find that there may be a black border as the TV and graphics card/software may not give a full pixel for pixel match and the card resolution may not be able to match the TV BUT having said that Panasonic is a good make and providing you calibrate your TV for White balance, contrast, darkness, etc. I think it is a fine idea. I use a 32" Sony TV for my computer monitor with serves me just fine for now. It is only a 1360 x 768 screen so could do to be upgraded when I can.

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