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Thread: anyone not using dual monitors?

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    Default anyone not using dual monitors?

    i maybe back in the market for an additional monitor. had to get rid of the last one due to lack of space. now ive freed up a bit of space im considering investing again. do you find the exta (or more) monitor/s makes your editing easier

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    I've never used two monitors so I can't compare what it's like but I've never felt the need I use two. I use one 32" Sony TV which gives me all I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    two. I use one 32" Sony TV which gives me all I need.
    ahh, funny you should say that. the other day i was experimenting using the TV has a second monitor. i couldnt get 1920 x 1080 from the TV (scereen looked 4.3 not 16.9) and when connected (along with my pC monitor) i couldnt get 1920 x1080 from the PC monitor

    how are you connecting pc to tv ?

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    Firstly my TV is only a 1360 x 768 so I can't get 1080 from it. I simply attach the D plug from the graphics card to the back of the telly. I do intend upgrading to a 1080 size telly when I can afford to get to that point on my never ending shopping list.

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    AS I understand it, but don't know certainly, LCD TV's have a subD vga input for PC and sometimes a DVI as well, for better results. The other DVI-in are for Players, Dishes etc. so make sure you RTFM.

    Maybe this "dual monitor" depends on the software?
    Vegas Studio has the option for Preview, so that saves some of the main-screen - but I tried it and it was a disaster - I managed to split the Timeline over the two so there was that rubbish-bit in the middle where it was duplicated - making heavy going.
    + I don't think it's meant to be like this as Vegas suggests only the Preview screen, but it's far from clear how to. It might help if they had a "Test-Card" with a dummy "Project" so I can get it correct, before working on something important.

    I've also asked about TV's as monitors and the general consensus appears to be "Use Monitors" although the final Preview will be seen on a TV, IF it was easier to set-up that's the way to go. Does it take the sound over also...?
    Having just installed some "better speakers" (not fully connected!), I don't want a very large TV, so something below 40" should be OK. Whilst the better Sony 32" are really sharp, they're very expensive and from my viewing distance, not a lot larger than the 19" monitor; so any upgrade must be larger.

    In the UK we have the "2012 Changeover" to all-digital; so there'll be bargains = TV's having dual tuners - (still useful for VHS players) - but no longer "mainstream" - - - does anyone know what happens to VHS-players - are they being consigned to History?

    Maybe using two "monitors" will become standard, but I think Sony could improve its software a lot to make the "monitor resolution" less of an issue -(also helps laptop users). I can lose the faders at each end of clips esp if there is a transition; - because the "Timeline" is linear. . . . if it could vary, then the "changes" could be larger, with the longer sequences shortened . . . . having to enlarge the timeline to "spot something" is trusting that I'll remember. Then I have to go back, but there is no preset, so I can't switch between scales . . . . c.f. taking a magnifying glass to check the perforations of stamps.

    I find the Auto Ripple is rather too fast and the cursor fails to move to the new position. So it's easy to lose where I was working (yes I know "Markers" ) - but will they move with Auto-Ripple?

    I thought the 37" Toshiba LCD was pretty sharp - and does HD.
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    I edit on one large 32 incher for timelines ect, I have a second 32inch for bins, control panes and a bit of preview then I have a firewire output to a TV/projector at the resolution final product will be spat out, it's a really nice way of working for me personally, I've tried expanding the time line across 2 monitors and for my way of working it never feels quite right.

    To be honest, buy yourself a smaller 17incher with a sharp and "roughly" accurate set of colours for your desk and stick your preview windows onto there, frees up space on your main screen for controls, ect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    To be honest, buy yourself a smaller 17incher with a sharp and "roughly" accurate set of colours for your desk and stick your preview windows onto there, frees up space on your main screen for controls, ect.
    blimey ....

    Sony TRIMASTER BVM-L170: Professional 17″ 1080p LCD Monitor with LED Backlight ••• DisplayBlog

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    If I played my s**t through that, I'd probabley give up.

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    ...RIght, buy a c**p monitor for 99 and just tell yourself it's the monitor

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