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Thread: Green Screen in Film Making

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    Default Green Screen in Film Making

    This video was made at Nella Global Solutions green screen studio in perth. The studio is 145 sqm. The green screen area is 7mts x 7mts by 2.5 mts high. The walls and floor are in Digi Chroma Green Paint for perfect one key keying. All the lights in the grid are kinos for a soft even light. There is a reception area, makeup & costume area, mezzanine floor, tea/coffee/softdrinks and bathroom/shower. Light industrial area, little or no ambient noise. Parking directly outside the studio with roller door access.

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    Looks nice but could I have one in blue.

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    it's the wrong shade of green for me...

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    I gave it a quick try and the walls are different colour from the floor, and the boxed in pipes
    I think when you are there and the lighting is set up you'll find it works just fine. Remember they shot this video to show the room.

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