Hello my name is Charlie Love also known as (Xenon) , me and a few guys built up a editing tutorial team about a month and a half ago. Called (Virtue Tutorials). We are trying to get our channel spread around the whole editing community because I think we have the potential to help a lot of people trying to get into video production. Our team was originally focused on video gaming related tutorials. Although we have decided to reach out to the whole editing community and will be producing professionally made tutorials on everything to our knowledge.

We are also going to be making tutorials and reviews on programs such as Sony Vegas, After Effects, 3Ds Max, Adobe Premier and C4D. Witch will help newcomers move around the programs swiftly and wont be scared when they first open the program. Our mane focus at the moment is to build our channel up and achieve more views, and building our website witch will contain a blog, schedule, and a showcase of all our tutorials. Also maybe some portfolio from our members.

So if you our beginner or maybe even an experienced editor please come visit our channel and subscribe, and we will be frequently coming out with tutorials, thank you for reading. Have a good day!!

VirtueTutorials's Channel - YouTube
I know our channel do-sent look very polished, but we are certainly working on that.

Charlie Love
Virtue Tutorials