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Thread: How to Edit this video

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    I had posted this question before but I don't know where it went . I can't seem to find it. So my apologies for a double post.

    I am new to video I have never edited a video . I got this video made for my site. Pls see the video at Stop Excessive Sweating

    The problem is there is this weird black line on the top of the video and during the making of this video I had asked the animator to put the logo there.

    I want to remove that.

    I don't have the source file only the wmv file. I tried to get in touch with this guy but he is not available anymore .

    Pls advice as I am stuck here.


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    Anyone , Pls help

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    I don't see a black line across the top of the video.

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    here is an image of the video where you can see the black line Imagebin - A place to slap up your images.

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    Right I think the problem isn't the video. When I look at it on Vimeo I see the line but when I look at it on your site I don't see the video. I would suspect it is to do with the website/browser rather than the video being at fault.

    Try looking at it on different computers/browsers to see the difference. If you can't live with it as it is, try reducing the hight of the video window on your website a few pixels to see if that get rid of it.

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    wht browser and os are you using ?

    I am tested it on linux, windows combinations of ie, firefox , opera and they all show the line on the site and on vimeo.

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    See if this works. You will have to wait half an hour for Vimeo to process the video.

    I have also fixed the audio dropping out in the middle.

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    @mighty blue: Appreciate your help. Specially the voice thing.

    May I know what software did you use as I want to remove my logo for the first 5 seconds so that the video sits well in the sites layout.


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    I used Sony Vegas to edit it BUT any editing program could do it.

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    Wht wud u recommend for a guy on linux ubuntu ?

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