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Thread: Camcorder shooting problems Help please!

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    Default Camcorder shooting problems Help please!

    Hi, well Iíve bought a Samsung flash cam, itís my first camcorder and Iím having trouble with it and Iím seeing if anyone knows what wrong or can help.

    The first problem is that on the camcorder Iíve got it set to record in 16.9, but when I view the video on my computer or try to edit it is in 4.3, does anyone know why this is?

    The video below will show what I mean^.

    The second problem is the quality of the recording, Iíve got it set to record in super fine and sports but the clips always seem to be ďDouble layeredĒ is the only way I can explain it.
    Here a quick clip Iíve recorded on my camcorder, you should be able to see what I mean if you pause it half way through:

    I bought the camera off of a mate for £50, personally I think itís because the cameraís cheap but it would be a big help if anyone could help me sort it out and save me buying a new one.


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    I suspect it's the post-production rather than the camera.

    Try de-interlacing the footage and check the settings on your editing software.

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    It looks like there are two things going on. The first is that the wrong pixel aspect ratio is being used. You need top stretch the video out to fill the screen (at the moment, everything is squashed up). You can do this is in most editing applications by "conforming" the aspect ratio. Check you editing app help files.

    The second is interlacing. I won't bore you with the details, but this will be fixed by exporting as progressive video.
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    I'm sorry to sound really stupid but how would i do these two things?, do you know what the best free software for me to use would be?


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