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    Default Shiny new laptop

    After 3 years of scrimping and saving...I have finally taken the plunge for a very sweet laptop.

    Whilst I am aware I can always get more value for money from a desktop build, My needs required a portable laptop for live events and Instead of a road warrior I wanted a gladiator who would eat up anything I threw at it, even if it did not do it "the fastest" it would have the grunt to take it on. Machine was delivered today, not had a chance to exercise it yet...but initial thoughts are good so far.

    Specs below:

    Laptop base manufactured by ADK in America. Solid build quality in my opinion. 1700 in total.

    I7-2820QM @ 2.30 Ghz.
    16GB of ram
    OCZ Agility 120GB SSD
    Geforce GTX 560M

    2 USB 2.0
    2 USB 3.0
    1 E sata
    1 firewire

    Capable of going up to 1920x1080 with stunning results, On a 15" display my eyes cannot view it properly! So I've had to scale it back to 1600.

    Initial Thoughts
    Fast boot time, great response when opening programs, Going to try and render a 30 second animated 1920x resolution video in after effects and see how the system performs.

    Will let you know how it performs once it has done a few projects.

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    Looks good spec. I hope you've got a nice external HD.

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    Ah but of course!

    I've got a mini raid array at home ( 4 drives at raid-10 ) and for portable work I've got a 1TB brick with E-sata for on location capture. 1TB is plenty even for raw HD from a SDI rack.

    I borrowed an after effects project from work ( 30 second ridiculously animated video for a corporate ) 1920 resolution and it really did deliver on the render, no more over-night with my work at home! and the HD video files in premier pro rendering is fantastic. Yes I know it's still a laptop but for 1600 I get a high powered portable editor that can certainly cope with anything I throw at it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    Yes I know it's still a laptop
    Nowt wrong with that. Sounds like you've got the right tool for the job.

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    Default nice as the I7 desktop builds are...It would spend half of it's time powered off gathering dust, laptop can go to live events, to clients, to on location capture.

    Done a couple of projects with it since last week, it chews through it like a chainsaw through grass.

    I've landed a few on location recordings where the content needs to go from a camera mixer, to edit, bit of titling then push it out to web asap. The laptop is already making a return on the investment.
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