Hi everybody.... I bought an AVCHD cam that filmed in 1080/50i or 1080/25p or 576/50i or 576/25p ,last week.
I have some big problems:
- I have a "hold" iMac (2008 so avchd 1080/50i or 1080/25p formats play bad in premiere (I will replace some parts of this or I will buy a new Macbook Pro).
-I changed the setting of my ax2000 from 1080i/50i to 576/50i and on my iMac videos are good. I don't know How to set premiere to import like (avchd or dv-dsrl ecc. ecc.) and to export... can you give me some helps for set Premiere in this two fromats?! Thanks!!!
PS: I'm not very expert, in fact I'm a skateboard filmer, I had a VX1000 that I sold because I broke it... so I bought that ax2000... but I'm not very sure about my decision... great cam... but I think that I will not use it well (vx100o is "very easy"( set it, import in my iMac and edit porgrams!!!)
I'm Italian, sorry for my English...
Mangi, Peace.