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    Looking for some feedback on my newest video. Thanks in advance!

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    If we make movies about what we know, you obviously play too many video games.

    A three minute video packed full of all sorts of special effects is not enough for some people to keep watching. Well not people like me. I suppose to a certain age group, it might be all they want to see. When I watch a movie like the matrix, although it is full of visual effects, I like the bits in between them, that have the talking. This is the part of the movie that makes a viewer want the hero to win or get the girl or beat the baddy etc.

    I suppose as a show reel to show off your AE skills it works on that level. BUT I was disappointed that after the opening, which gave us an interesting premise to the story I wanted to know why all the cities on the East Coast were being destroyed. How people were being effected. Who was the hero that would come and save the day etc.... BUT there wasn't any more
    narrative, just a couple of kids going from one fight to another fight.

    My advice to you, now that you have learned to do these effects in AE, is to use them to enhance a story not to use them to make the make. Movies should be about telling us a story or creating an emotion in us. It should strive to engage and involve us.

    I'm not knocking what you have done, as I can't do these things. I am only offering you a direction for your next movie.

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    Thanks! We'll definitely try that next time!

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