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    My friend sent me some footage from a fast draw contest he shot. When I bring it into Sony Movie studio HD the sound has gaps in it. How does one fix this or what is going on. Thanks for any help.

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    Do you mean there are points of silence or that the audio section is totally missing. Either way if it wasn't recorded you can't fix it. Now looking at it more closely you need to establish what needs replacing. If it is just ambient sound then just take a section of ambient sound from another place in the video. If it is important comentry you would have to do it again.

    Does this help ?

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    Thanks for the reply Midnight Blue. When I just play a clip it sounds and looks fine through Windows movie player, I bring that clip into the editor and the sound isn't catching up with the video. On the voice track you can clearly see the skips/silence. I'm at a loss.

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    If the video is not playing back smoothly it could be due to the computer not being in top form or just generally weak. If you lower the preview quality in Vegas this might solve the issue. It's very different when you just play a video in WMP to when you open a video to edit it. It takes a lot more processing power to do it, especially if it's HD material.

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    The audio is all there the silent spots puts the audio behind the video. It doesn't sync up because if the silent spots.

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    Sorry Clint I'm still not understanding what's going on, may be a screen grab of your Vegas screen/time line might help and/or a small YouTube sample.

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    Is the bit rate of the audio in the project settings the same as the bit rate of the audio in the video file?...

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    I think OP is witnessing poor PC power, as MB suggested #4.

    I wondered if there might be a second issue (is this gunfire video?) where a loud sound upsets the camera agc so it appears to go silent.

    OP really need to give tighter detail, BUT as MB suggested #2 if it's not there . . . . he'll have to add some from a moderately "quiet" passage. I recall Pro Audo bods do a lot of recording, just to be sure . . . maybe for the same reason, or habit. Foley is always useful . . . .
    If OP is using Vegas Studio Production Suite, that comes with SoundForge, which can add a few noise clips, but you have to watch "Sync". Unlike Vegas which allows sound to be patched on top . . . .so the sync remains intact.
    Better to get the sound-levels right/higher in SF, then patches into Vegas - er, IMHO.

    Something to watch. Sound travels much slower than light, so expect to see the puff of smoke before the sound . . . .
    - all rather confusing for Children's Cinema, but that's the real world.

    Good luck.

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